Care guide


With use, leather parts may change slightly in colour. Exposure to sunlight will accelerate this process. It is advisable to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible.

Store your piece in a drawer in a cool, dry environment.

Avoid contact with water as far as possible. This piece can withstand rain but is not intended to be submerged in water. Moisture can damage and alter the colour of the hardware and leather of the piece.

Avoid contact with any chemicals, perfumes, oils, leather cleaners or metal cleaners. These can damage the colour of your piece.



→ Removing muddy residues:

1. Dampen a cloth and wipe off the dirt gently without pressing too hard on the leather. The leather may darken when wet, it will return to its natural colour once dry.
2. Clean the fitting with a damp cloth. We recommend not to use any chemical products to avoid damaging the hardware..
3. Remove excess moisture with a dry cloth.
4. Let the stretched piece dry at room temperature. Repeat the process if you see traces of dirt after drying.

→ If the piece gets wet:

1. Remove excess moisture with a dry cloth gently without pressing or rubbing hard.

2. Let the stretched piece dry at room temperature.