Legal Notice

Data Press Solutions S.L., responsible for the website, from now on known as RESPONSIBLE, makes available to all web users: (from now on known as the WEBSITE) the following document which shows our commitment and duty to follow the Law stipulated by 34/2002 of the 11 of July, from the Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y del Comercio Electronico (LSSICE) and also to inform all website users the terms and conditions for its use.

Anyone using the website will take the role as the user, committing themselves to follow the regulations mentioned on this document, as well as all the legal provisions that there may be.

Data Press Solutions S.L., reserves the right to alter and change any information that may be on the website without the obligation of informing the users previously of these changes. Informing the users of these changes when they appear in the website. We recommend that the users read and revise the terms and condition of the document to see if there has been any legal changes that might affect them.

If you have any questions, suggestions or doubts concerning the WEBSITE you can always get in touch with us by sending an e-mail to:

Our customer service opening times are from 10:00h to 14:00h.

Next we are going to explain to you the general conditions that allows you to get into the WEBSITE, as well as the services and utilities it provides, without damaging the application from different conditions or modification.


Company name: Data Press Solutions, S.L., registered in Registro Mercantil de Madrid, Volumen: 25.164, Book: 0, Page: 99, Section 8, Sheet: M-453197.

NIF: B85309672.

Address: Thomas Edison nº 4, block 1, office 1310, 28521 Rivas-Vaciamadrid, Madrid.


The present terms for General Use have remain subscribed on a part by the RESPONSIBLE and by the other part from the WEBSITE user, as a physical o legal person whom voluntary, freely and without a charge can access it. These conditions apply to all of those who would browse the site with or without purchasing the products on offer on the WEBSITE..


The aim of this website is to offer all the available products, as well as access to all the information about the services we provided. The access and browsing of the Website is free, however the offers and purchasing of products comes with cost payments and with the agreement of our Purchased Terms and Conditions.


The Company RESPONSIBLE, is trying to improve and expand the Website, as well as the contents and services it offers. Nevertheless, the Website we´ll be shown all the time according to its availability, limitations or other current circumstances.


The users of the Website agrees to:

  • To use the Website in a correct and legal way, as well as all the contents and services provided by it, always respecting the current legislation at every moment, the Terms and Conditions for the Use of the Website, with morality and good customs generally accepted and public order.
  • To provide themselves with all the means and technical requirements to enable access to the Website.
  • To provide truthful personal information when filling in forms on the Website and to keep them updated at all times showing, at all times, the users actual situation. The User will be the only one responsible for any false or inaccurate information provided, and for the damages cause to RESPONSIBLE company or a third party due to the information provided.
  • To revise periodically de General Terms of Use, or any other that are applicable, checking all the modifications that could apply.
  • To revise all communications send by the Website, as they could have important information.
  • Not to use the Website for financial gain, especially to gather information o content with the end to provide services that are clearly a matter of competition for the Website.
  • Not to modify or try to modify in anyway, carry out any actions or the use of methods that could simulate the appearance or the functions of the Website.
  • Not to harm, disable, overload or to hinder the service (or the web or webs connected to the service) or to interfere in its use or enjoyment.
  • To access or try to gain access to resources or restricted areas of the Website, without meeting the requirements demanded for such access.
  • Try to access, use and/or manipulate the data of company RESPONSIBLE, third party providers and other users.
  • Reproduce or copy, distribute, allow public access or any other form of public communication. Change or modify the contents, unless you are authorized to do so in accordance with the owners’ rights or it become legally permitted.
  • Delete, hide or manipulate the notes concerning the rights of intellectual or industrial ownership and other information that identifies de rights of the company RESPONSIBLE or third party added to the contents. As well as protective technical devices or any other mechanism to gather information that could be inserted in the content.
  • To obtain or try to obtain the content using means or different procedures, which depending on the case, have already been put at your disposal for this purpose or have been recommended purposely on the web pages were the content is. Or, in general those that are used regularly in the internet that don´t involve any risks when using the Website and/or its content.
  • Abstain from taking any action which could allow the introduction of computer viruses, worms, trojans or any other malicious code aim to stop, destroy or limit the functionality of the Website.
  • Do not use reverse engineering techniques and /or decode, decompile or use any other method that could know the source code of the Website.
  • In any case, never take any action that could infringe the rights or interests of the company RESPONSIBLE, or to third party that could be, as an example, intellectual property rights or industrial (patents, brands, copyrights, commercial secrets, etc...)


The present Special Conditions for Registration are subscribed to one part the Website and the other for the User who has fill in the appropriate registration form to create an account following all the steps mentioned on the Website, which will help to be registered, as well as agreeing to the Special Conditions.

5.1.Requirements and procedures to open and account

To open an account on the Website it is essential that the User is a natural person, of legal age, in accordance with the laws of the Spanish legislation.

The user should choose the option on the main menu ACCOUNT click on Create account, add your full name, and e-mail address, the name of your pet and the confirmation of your password (if your wish to) and a password to protect your account. You should complete all the steps indicated, which includes confirming that you have read the information relating to the Privacy Policy and the present Terms.

The Website will confirm to the User their registration on the Website through a welcome message, from then on becoming a Registered User.

If the Registered User does not remember his/her password, he/she should click on Have you forgotten your password?, and add the same e-mail address he/she used to register so it can be recovered..

The company RESPONSIBLE, reserves the right to check and verify the identity of the Users at any given moment. If there is no compliance with the requirements of the present section or deception as to their identity, it authorizes the company RESPONSIBLE to deregister the user at any time, exempting of all responsibilities the company RESPONSIBLE for that action.

Being registered on the Website allows the User to do a follow up of all the orders that they have placed. As a Registered User, you will be able to keep all the information concerning de address and invoices as well as credit cards or other means of payment for future purchases.

5.2.Registered User Responsibilities

The registered user had the following responsibilities:

  • Not to register using different User accounts on the Website, not to use false data or impersonate a third party. The User responsibility is to provide accurate and real data.
  • Not to use or try to use others accounts on the Website, without authorization or agreement.
  • To be the only one responsible for all the activities done from their personal account on the Website.
  • To take care of the nondisclosure of their access information, as they will be responsible for any damaged done to a third party due to their failure to comply with these Conditions. They will also be responsible for what happens in their personal account, except when the security has been compromised due to external causes. In particular, the user should:
    • Keep the account up to date
    • Store the selected password as confidential information
    • Be the only User who makes use of the account
    • Not to commercialize, sale or transfer the account to a third party
  • The company RESPONSIBLE reserves de right to verify the profile of the User, been able to delete or suspend the account in the case of the unfulfillment of the present legal texts or any others which could be applicable.

The registered user can at any time, changed the data in their personal account, like his/her delivery address or the noted credit card, through the users area.


The company RESPONSIBLE works towards to provide that the services and functionality of the Website are always available.

We can’t guarantee the continuous access, or the correct visualization, downloads, usefulness, components or information that are on the web that could be hindered, difficult or interrupted due to factors or circumstances outside our control. We are not responsible for the consequences of decisions taken due to the contents or information received.

The service could be interrupted, or the relationship with the user could be resolve immediately, if we find out that the use of the Website, or any other service offered, is not meeting the present Conditions of General Use. We are not responsible for any damage, claim for damages, lost, claims or other expenses originated by the use of the Website.

We are only responsible to cancel, as soon as possible, the contents that could generate such claims, as long as they are notified. In particular, we are not responsible for the claims that could arise, and among others are:

  1. Interferences, interruptions, failure, omissions, telephone break down, delays, blocks or disconnection due to the functioning of the electronic system, cause by failure, overloads and/or errors of the telephone lines or network telecommunications, or any other cause that is out of the control of the company.
  2. Unlawful interferences using malicious programs of any kind and through any means of communication, like, computer viruses or any others.
  3. Inappropriate, inadequate or abusive use of the Website.
  4. Security or browsing mistakes arising from the malfunction of the browser system or due to other software version which has not been updated. The administrator of the Website reserves the right to withdraw, totally or partially, any content or information present in the Website.

The company RESPONSIBLE is excluded from all types of liability for damages and claims that could arise due to the improper use of the free services at the disposition of the Website users. It is also exonerated from all responsibility for the content or information that could be received as a consequence of the forms filled with personal details. As they only provide a service to resolve doubts or give assistance. Furthermore, in the case that the damages have happen due to the illicit or improper use of the Website, the user could be held liable for damages.

You will keep the company RESPONSIBLE undamaged from any kind of damages or claims which originate from complaints, actions or any other claims from a third party as a consequence of your access to the Website. Moreover, you are required to compensate any damages or claims that come from your use of “robots”, “spiders”, “crawlers” or any other tools used to extract or gather data or any other actions that could add an unreasonable load on the running of the Website.

The Website could include links to pages or other third party sites which are unconnected to the company RESPONSIBLE, for which it does not accept any type of responsibility, as it does no check its functions and content. The User who accesses any link that appears in the Website does it at their own risk, and without the company RESPONSIBLE accepting any kind of responsibility.

Furthermore, the Website remains except from any responsibility of the improper use of it by the Users, as well as the unfulfillment of the obligations and compromises under these conditions or any others that are applicable.


To use some of the Services, the User has to provide previously some kind of personal data. The company RESPONSIBLE, will process this date automatically giving them all the necessary security measures following the compliance of the RGPD, LOPDGDD and LSSI. The User can have access to the policy for the processing of personal information, as well as previously stablish purposes, in the conditions defined in the Privacy Policy.


The company RESPONSIBLE, reserves the right to use the technology “cookie” in its Website, to be able to recognize de frequent Uses and personalize how they use the Website through the preselection of their language, their prefer or specific contents.

Cookies are gathered through the IP address of the user, being Google responsible for how this information it’s processed.

Cookies are files sent to a browser through a web server, so the Website User can register their browsing when the User allows its reception. If you wish to, you can configure your browser so it can let you know in your screen of the arrival of any cookies, you can then stop these cookies from being install in your hard disk. Please check the instruction manual of your browser to have more information.

It is thanks to the cookies that is possible to recognize the computer browser used by the User, this allow us to offer contents and browsing preferences or publicity that the User prefers. The demographic profiles of the Users and also to measure the traffic parameters, to control the progress and the number of entries.


All the intellectual and industrial property rights concerning the Website and its contents, which includes the programming, design, applications, graphics, codes, text and images, brands, commercial names, distinctive signs and other elements that are present, belong exclusively to the company RESPONSIBLE, including the brand INDOMITO, it has all the rights and/or authorizations for commercial use.

As a consequence of the above mentioned information, any kind of reproduction, distribution, public information (including made available to public), changes or any other form of commercial use, not even quoting a source is totally prohibited. Unless a previous agreement, expressed and in writing from the company RESPONSIBLE or from the owner exclusive rights.

Additionally, we inform all the Users that they have to be the owners of the rights to anything that they upload to the Website, not themselves being responsible for such actions and contents.

If the Users of the Website detect any kind of infractions, we request that you let the company RESPONSIBLE know through the e-mail which has been previously indicated on this document.


The company RESPONSIBLE can sanction any of the Users that fail to fulfill the conditions that are applicable, with the inability to gain access, temporarily, or indefinitely to the Website. The no access restriction will depend on the offense committed. The no access restriction does not include, in any way, the right to compensation.

Any kind of damage, harm, loss or cost (including lawyers and/or attorney’s fees) derived from the unfulfillment of these conditions by the User, or any others that can be applicable, and that it is suffered by the Website, must be reimburse by the user who cause them. This includes any third party claims derived from these unfulfilments.


In general, the contents and services offered by the Website are purely informative. Consequently, as we offer them, we do not give any guaranty or statement relating to the contents or services offered on the Website, including, by way of information, guarantee of reliability, trustworthiness, usefulness, truthfulness, accuracy or marketability.

The present Conditions can be modified and/or updated at any moment and without previous notification. The altered modifications will come into effect from its publication on the Website, by whichever means or purpose used to do so.

The modifications will only affect the Users who have accepted them after knowing said information.

The language applicable to the present Conditions is Spanish. If versions in another language is provided, like in English, it would be done out of courtesy and for the convenience of the Users. In the case of contradictions the Spanish version will prevail.


The present General Terms of Use, as well as the use of the Website, will be under the regulations of the Spanish law and the discrepancies and conflicts around these Conditions, will depend if the user holds the status of consumer and/or user in agreement with the applicable regulation.

Any conflict with a consumer and /or user, will be subject to the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid.

In the event that any clause from the present General Terms of Use turned out to be unenforceable or void under the applicable law or as a consequence of a legal or administrative decision. Said unenforceability or nullity will not make the present General Terms of Use become unenforceable or void as a whole. In such cases, the company will procced to the modification or substitution of such clause by another which will be valid and enforceable and, as far as possible, achieve the goal and purpose reflected on the original clause.