Indomito's souls

MADRID 10.09.23

Photography: Yuichi Kimura

"I live for color. What for many may be a risk of epilepsy for me relaxes me and gives me joy. My house looks like Disneyland, my style when it comes to work doesn't know about chromatic ranges, I use bright colors when I dress. "

Abraham Menendez

Who are you and where are you from?

Abraham Menendez, Asturian, 45 years old. Illustrator, mini-entrepreneur, teacher, lecturer, columnist, workshop leader and whatever they let me and/or pay me.

Who is your dog/s?

My dog is Manolito, he is an old man disguised as a dog with the most expressive eyes in the world. Independent but affectionate, obedient, faithful, grumpy and extremely good with other dogs, people, birds or cats. A being of light who loves children and never loses his composure unless food is involved.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about movies, eating, enjoying my loved ones, drawing, doing things well and, fortunately, my work.

"I value quality very much and even more being a producer myself. I could manufacture with lower costs but I am determined that all my products are handmade in small Spanish workshops. Everything goes up, but so does the care and attention to detail."

Abraham Menendez

Who is your muse/s or life reference/s?

Anyone who has lived with authenticity, doing what the body asked for but without losing respect. People who are integrated and enemies of servility. People who are excessive and, above all, who value enjoyment above all.

What is the way you like to express yourself?

Illustration and writing, also speech. I'm very hot. I'm a pain in the ass. But I also know how to listen and listen to the person in front of me. I can't stand those people who monopolize conversations and who are only interested in talking about their book.

Is there anything you give a damn about?

Well, I'm at a strange age when everything worries me and I don't give a damn about anything. I come from small-town people, very small-town people, people who were widowed and after the funeral they would change to pick the chard because it was threatening to rain: that has made me very practical. That and one thing my grandfather always told me: "If there is no solution, there is no problem". In other words, nothing can be solved by complaining. You try to solve things and if you see that there is no solution, then move on to something else.

The most Indomitable moment or situation of your life?

Well, I don't know, I guess I have a lot of them because of my character. I am a Gemini and I go from angel to demon in zero point two. I never measure how much it can hurt me to pronounce myself, but if I don't like something I have to verbalize it. And well, as a child I was a monster: I burned a mattress with some matches while my father was taking a nap and we all almost died, I took a car when I was eight years old, I released the handbrake and smashed it against a wall while my parents were eating... and two hundred other little adventures. My mother always told me how much she regretted having me. She loves me very much, I know, but she told me so. Not without reason.

What are the personal everyday objects or items of clothing that you value the most? How do they relate to your personal expression?

Well, I'm not very attached to clothes, to tell you the truth. I love fashion as a show but in my day to day life I'm quite a mess (not to say a pig). I love things from home, yes, those that we buy during our travels and that remind me of this or that moment. I don't like houses that don't show the personality of the person who lives in them. Maybe I sin a little bit of Horror Vacui, but everyone is as he/she is.

How does color play a role in your daily life?

It is fundamental. I live for color. What for many may be a risk of epilepsy for me relaxes me and gives me joy. My house looks like Disneyland, my style when it comes to work doesn't know about chromatic ranges as they all suit me, I usually wear bright colors when I dress. Color and life? That's it.

If your dog were a color, what color do you think it would be?

Well, it would be green. First, because it is very much his own and very special. He is rare, like me. And secondly because he is a holy man who relaxes and comforts me, he is very calm and inspires me security. My dog soothes my imbalances. He makes me a better person.

Your dog's most Indomitable moment or situation?

Well, I'm telling you, he's a saint. Seriously, not "my child doesn't smoke or drink". No, no, a real saint: he learned everything very quickly, he never bit anything even when he was teething, as soon as you tell him something he obeys you, he doesn't fight with any other dog, you can leave him with anyone, he sees a bird or a cat and he doesn't even flinch... He's a real dog. He is wonderful.

Collar or harness? What are the must-have accessories you have for your dog?

Well, I always wear a necklace because if I don't feel comfortable.And since it always goes at your height and never jerks, we don't need a harness.The rest of accessories nothing, you put anything on him and he stays still.I have already told you, he is a rare dog.

What is your favorite combination with Indómito pieces?

I love the dog leash with the bag holder. I don't care about the color as long as it's vivid. A grass green, a yellow, a red or a pink and if the two pieces are uncombined and contrast in tones love it. I love tonal breaks.