Gente de bien

Saturday 24th April, today is the day that we are going to visit Hello Claudio, the new studio and headquarters of Suma Cruz. We were looking forward to this visit, because of  the inspiration that this woman give us, we wanted to see how she works and how she accepts all dogs with love. So Oli was very welcome to the plan. As you know moving around Madrid by car is not easy, we don’t live in the centre and we couldn’t lose half a day going from one public transport into another. We also ruled out going to the centre in the “cucaracho” ( this is the name we give our four wheel Beatle that has been decorated with a daisy on the dashboard) after rejecting the idea of taking the bus, subway, train and  rocket. We arrived to the conclusion that the only logical  and practical way would be to do a mix. We would take the car to one of the nearest places to the centre where we could park, and go the rest of the way by subway. (It was then that Oli, our greyhound , decided we wouldn´t be visiting Suma Cruz workshop). The morning was going well, the birds were singing and Oli was walking happily moving her tail to an fro. We managed to get parking and after a short walk we entered the heart of Madrid. This was going to be the first time that Oli experienced the  subway, but as you can imagen it was the first and possibly the last of our little one. When we got  in the carriage, Oli started to get dizzy, she was frighten and anxious, she´s very fearful. We tried to get off at the next stop, but Oli was totally blocked by fear and wouldn´t even move a paw, or attempt to walk.  It was then that a young woman approach us, one of those lovely people that walk in this world, and very kindly offered to go home get a bowl of water for Oli and come back to the subway station. I began  to calm down when I saw that at least we would have some water for Oli so she would feel better. After having a drink Oliva still didn´t want to walk. At this point I had to pick her up, at this stage you have to use your imagination,  a women that measures 1.68m with a big grayhound in her arms, I didn´t know which way to go! like an angel coming down from heaven, another young woman come to offer us her help and guidance to the nearest veterinarian clinic. This image is unic, my arms were beginning to weaken with the weight, I had only one thought in my mind, resistance, to get to where we were going. I made sure that I gathered all my strenght and with the pleasant company of this charitable soul we got to the veterinary where we managed to calm Oli down. After spending all morning trying to solve this “incident” we were not able to visit the studio of Alma Cruz, this is a plan that we will complete whenever they open the doors to little people like us. What I learned that day was that there are wonderful people out there that we´ll give you a hand,   selflessly, if they see that you are struggling, and I don´t have to tell if there is a dog involved!. With all the hustle I forgot to ask these young  woman their contact details, so this tale, among other things, is to say how grateful we are for their help. There is no doubt that with such a good heart life will bring them all the best